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North Atlantic Crossroads: The Royal Air Force Ferry Command Gander Unit, 1940-1946

About the Book

Gander was a bustling hub of aviation during the Second World War as thousands of bombers passed through on their way to Britain. In North Atlantic Crossroads, the challenges and hazards of transatlantic ferrying come alive. Tales of search and rescue, aircraft salvage, medevac missions, and VIP visits highlight the activities of the Ferry Command Gander unit, notably the work of its aircraft maintenance department, headed by the incomparable John Joseph “Joe” Gilmore. Postwar, the boom in commercial air travel transformed Gander, setting the airport on its way to becoming the crossroads of the North Atlantic.

My thanks to Sandra Seaward, executive director of the North Atlantic Aviation Museum in Gander, for planning and hosting a fantastic launch on 31 July 2021. Thanks as well to the museum board of directors for their help and support!

Where to find a copy

From the author (Darrell Hillier) at:

In Carbonear

Green Door Book Store, 154 Water St.

In Corner Brook

Coles, Corner Brook Plaza

In Gander
Gander Airport Gift Shop

Newfoundland Accents and Gifts, 109 TCH

North Atlantic Aviation Museum

Town Square Book Stop, 73C Elizabeth Drive

In St. John’s

Chapters, 70 Kenmount Road

Coles, Village Mall and Avalon Mall

Downhome Shoppe, 303 Water St.

Elaine’s Books, 208 Duckworth St.

Legend Tours, 284 Water St.

Price: $19.95 Canadian


“This book is full of revealing anecdotes and is a very well researched and absorbing read.”

— Air-Britain Aviation World

“A masterly piece of work which, no doubt, will find its place on the bookshelves of aviation enthusiasts.”

— Frank Tibbo, author of Charlie Baker George and member of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador

“An impressively well researched and written narrative history.”

— Guy Warner, Irish aviation historian and author. Reviewed in Flying in Ireland

“An eminently readable book that will appeal to anyone interested in Gander, military aviation, or Newfoundland and Labrador’s contribution to the Second World War.”

— Diana Trafford, aviation historian/blogger. Reviewed at Flights of History

“Author and historian Darrell Hillier delivers a trenchant and illuminating account of the Ferry Command.” 

— Joan Sullivan, Columnist. Reviewed in The Telegram

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